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The 2019 2019 Summer Membership is Now Open!!

TJGT 2019 SUMMER MEMBERSHIP (available through Aug 1) – $99
The 2019 Summer Membership will be available for registration on Monday, March 17th, and will grant players membership for the months of April-August.

Summer Membership Benefits Include…

  1. Priority registration for all summer Elite Series events (majors) starting with the Tyler Rose
  2. Exclusive access to TJGT Elite Invitationals, including Tour Championship and annual TJGT Texas Match Play
  3. A TJGT EXCLUSIVE Passbook from ClubCorp – This allows every member and parent to play a round at every ClubCorp facility in the state of Texas.– Lowest price on all tournament entry fees for events this summer, starting with the Tyler Rose on April 13-14
  4. Membership valid from May 1 to Aug. 31, 2018
  5. Access to the College-Bound Program (details outlined below)

Note: The Full Season membership will still be available for any player that wishes to receive the Exclusive TJGT Membership Package. The Summer Membership DOES NOT include the TJGT Membership package.


2018-2019 season: Sept 1, 2018 - Aug 31, 2019

For the 2018-2019 Season – every Full TJGT member gets an exclusive TJGT Membership package, mailed to their home, filled with gifts, goodies and benefits from the Tour and our title sponsors. These gifts are for TJGT members only, and are available to the first 1,000 players that sign up for membership into the 2018-2019 season.


  1. Discounts to all events, and priority registration into our majors and invitationals
  2. Performance hat with class year and special state of Texas logo
  3. A TJGT giant microfiber golf towel – the best and biggest we could find
  4. A TJGT EXCLUSIVE Passbook from ClubCorp – This allows every member and parent to play a round at every ClubCorp facility in the state of Texas.
  5. First Tee Bar – They are a new sponsor of the Tour and will likely see more from them during the year
  6. Login Access to the PING College Golf Guide

If you take the value of our membership package, it is worth well over $1,000. And the best part, the price of $199 does not change! Membership boxes will begin shipping Monday, August 21st. After Aug. 21, membership boxes will ship the following Friday after registration. Please allow up to 10 business days for arrival.

In concordance with No. 7 on the list, we have decided to merge the “College Bound Membership” into the regular TJGT membership. We will still offer all the benefits of the CBM program (one-on-one recruiting help, webinars, resume help, coaching Q&As, etc.), but our mantra is to provide ALL our players with a roadmap to college golf, so we want you all to have access to these resources.

Click Here to Register for Membership


College-Bound Program
All TJGT members will be privy to the recruiting tools and benefits of the College-Bound Program (previously the College-Bound Membership).

The benefits and resources throughout the year included in the College-Bound Program are…

  1. Access to the PING College Golf Guide. Instructions on how to get your login and password to the golf guide will be included in your membership box
  2. Member-only access to a TJGT Facebook group.
  3. Exclusive access to conference calls/webinars on various recruiting topics and special guests.
  4. Access to custom designed templates for resume construction and contacting college coaches.
  5. Exclusive access to various conference calls with TJGT Staff or College Golf guests.
  6. Access to college coach Q & A’s and recruiting seminars @ selected Invitationals & Major Events.
  7. Email support and mentorship from TJGT Staff.
  8. Phone appointments on recruiting/scholarships with TJGT Staff.


  1. TJGT welcomes players from all 50 states & international players.
  2. Any Junior Golfer Defined by the USGA.  USGA Junior Golfer Definition: A “junior golfer “ is an amateur golfer who has not reached (i) the September 1 following graduation from secondary school or (ii) his 19th birthday, whichever comes first.  (* a 19 year old junior may play if they have not started college)
  3. Texas Collegiate Tour:  Any junior player is eligible to play the Texas Collegiate Amateur Tour under a separate membership if in grad classes 2017, 2018.  See txcollegiatetour.com for more details.

Non-Members Policy:

  1. Non-Members may play up to two tournaments for an additional fee per tournament
  2. Non-Members may not have access to TJGT Invitational Tournaments, including the Tour Championship

Tee Gift Distribution Policy/Notes:
1.  All Tee gifts and TaylorMade golf balls will be distributed at tournament registration.
2.  All electronic gifts such as Golfweek, Golf Digest Subscriptions, GCAA will be submitted on a monthly basis to these organizations.  Therefore, please allow four to five weeks for the subscriptions to start.
3. Shirt/Apparel Sizing Policy:  Members will receive the size of shirt that is listed in the membership profile.  Until players email TJGT Admin. Asst. Donna Smith: donnasmith@tjgt.com and change their profile, their will be no exchanges. All PUMA shirts are ordered months in advance, therefore TJGT cannot be responsible for players receiving an incorrect size if the member’s profile is not updated.

Frequently Asked Questions
For more information about the tour, please refer to our FAQ section.  Click Here for FAQs

Season Membership/Participant Disclaimer
By completing this payment process, any Player and/or Parent that intends to participate in the TJGT 2018-19 Season’s Events, either as a player, spectator or volunteer, shall acknowledge agreement with the tour policies listed on this website.  For your records, please save and/or print the email receipts you will receive from TJGT and Shotstat.

TJGT Policies & Waivers
All TJGT policies apply to membership & tournament operations.  Each registered member agrees to abide by the TJGT policies or risk losing their membership privileges.

It is very important to read and understand all TJGT policies!
Click Here for TJGT Policies. 
Click Here for TJGT Tournament Cancellation / Refund Policy

If questions arise, please review the FAQ section before calling or emailing. If your question is still not answered feel free to email TJGT. Primary communication is via email. TJGT will make every effort to respond within 24 hours.

2018-19 Season Membership & Tournament Participant Agreement & Acknowledgement

  1. I understand with my membership or tournament registration into the 2018-19 season defined below, I understand and acknowledge a release, waiver and hold harmless agreement that at all times my son and/or daughter is a participant in the 2018-19 program of the Texas Junior Golf Tour, Inc.  My son and/or daughter is not an employee of the Texas Junior Golf Tour, Inc., herein referred to as TJGT. My son and/or daughter, as well as myself, shall rely on my personal health and liability insurance in the event that my son and/or daughter or myself sustains any injuries or damages incident to the participation in any and all 2018-19 TJGT events.
  1. Pursuant to my son and/or daughter’s participation in the 2018-19 TJGT program, I recognize that there are certain risks and possible bodily or personal injuries and damages that one may sustain through participation, including but not limited to the following:

– Being struck by a golf club or misdirected golf club 
- Being struck by a golf cart or other vehicle 
- Injuries arising from sports, physical exertion or outside activities 
- Falls due to terrain or imperfect surfaces 
- Injuries due to weather conditions such as lighting, heat, cold and/or rain 
- Any other injuries or damages sustained while acting as a volunteer

  1. I HEREBY ASSUME ALL RISKS and dangers on behalf of my son and/or daughter’s participation in the 2018-19 Texas Junior Golf Tour Inc. program and hereby release, waive and hold harmless on behalf of myself and my son and/or daughter and those claiming by, or under us, the TJGT from all claims, damages or causes of action that I or my son and/or daughter may have now or hereafter against the above identified parties and their officers, directors, members, agents, representatives or employees, arising out of any bodily or personal injuries or damages my son and/or daughter and myself may sustain in connection with my participation and my son and/or daughter’s participation with the TJGT 2016-17 program, including any bodily or personal injuries or damages caused or alleged to be caused all or in part by myself and my son and/or daughter or any other participant or volunteer, OR THE ACTIONS, FAILURE TO ACT OR NEGLIGENCE OF the TJGT, and their officers, directors, members, agents, representatives and employees.
  1. This acknowledgement, release, waiver and hold harmless agreement shall be binding upon me and my son and/or daughter and our heirs, assigns and legal or personal representatives.

Publications, Video, Internet Consent and Release Agreement
Players who attend events in the TJGT season will occasionally be a part of TJGT publicity, publications and/or public relations activities. In order to guarantee player privacy and ensure your agreement for your son and/or daughter to participate, the TJGT asks that the parent and player agree to this release agreement in the act of registering for the current season. The agreement below indicates approval for the player’s name, picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements or portraits (video or still) to appear in TJGT publications or on the TJGT website. For example, pictures and articles about TJGT activities may appear in local, regional and/or national newspapers or publications. These pictures and articles may or may not personally identify the player. The pictures and/or videos may be used by TJGT in subsequent years.

Agreement: Player and parent/guardian release to TJGT the player’s name, picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements and/or portraits (video or still) and consent to their use by TJGT. TJGT agrees that the player’s name, picture, art, written work, voice, verbal statements and/or portraits (video or still) shall only be used for public relations, public information, TJGT promotion, publicity and instruction. Player and parent/guardian understand and agree that: no monetary consideration shall be paid; consent and release have been given without coercion or duress; this agreement is binding upon heirs and/or future legal representatives; the photo, video or player statements may be used in subsequent years. If the player and parent/guardian wish to rescind this agreement they may do so at any time with written notice. Effective date of agreement shall be the date of the first event for the 2018-19 season. TJGT has no control of media use of pictures/statements that are taken without permission.