Texas Junior Golf Tour

Refund Policy


1) To cancel a tournament registration - e-mail donnasmith@tjgt.com with player name and tournament name/date.


2) All cancellations will be refunded as tour credit on the player's TJGT account for future use (credit expires when a player is no longer eligible to compete on the TJGT; credit is not transferable). Players may request a credit card refund instead, subject to a $35 admin fee. Requests for a credit card refund must be received by 5PM on the final day of the tournament in which the player has withdrawn.


Note - In general, all funds will be refunded/credited based on the method used in the original registration. Tour credits are not redeemable as cash. In issuing a refund to a credit card, if part of an entry fee was "paid" using credit, that credit will be returned to the player's account, and the remainder refunded to the credit card (upon request).


3) TJGT Membership – TJGT memberships (full season, partial season) are non-refundable 24 hours after purchase.


4) Open Series events – Refund request deadline is 12 PM (Noon), 5 days before the event (Ex: Monday at 12 PM (Noon) before a Sat-Sun tournament). Once the deadline has passed, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, unless one of the below requirements is met:

-- Significant injury or illness to player (note from doctor required) preventing play on event dates - doctor's note must be provided no later than 5PM on the day of the second round of the tournament in question

-- Death of immediate family member or close friend (with provided obituary or service information)

-- Qualification for national-level tournament (AJGA, USGA) or adult state amateur event. This does not include qualifiers, only the tournament themselves. Junior state-level tournaments and other local junior tour events are not included. The Texas State Junior is the one exception. Note - official tournament rounds must overlap at least one day to be eligible. Travel days are not counted in this exception.

-- COVID-19 quarantine/exposure. To read TJGT's COVID-specific policies, CLICK HERE


5) For Elite Series events ­– Refund request deadline is 12 PM (Noon), 10 days before the event. Once the deadline has passed, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, unless one of the requirements outlined above is met.


6) FINAL DEADLINE - 24 Hours Before An Event – No refunds will be given, regardless of reason, after 7 AM the day before an event. By this time, pairings have been set and courses have been informed of guaranteed player counts. Please note, simple failure to notify TJGT of participation or qualification for a higher-level event (AJGA/USGA/Adult State Opens) until after the 24 hour deadline will not qualify under the refund exception listed above. Players are expected to notify TJGT officials of their cancellation of a tournament immediately upon discovering a schedule conflict and not wait until the last minute.


Other Circumstances - Any player that is experiencing an unexpected or unique circumstance not outlined in the above exceptions may send a Refund Appeal Request to travism@tjgt.com for committee review. The appeal must thoroughly detail the reason why the player is unable to compete beyond the refund deadline. Please be specific and provide as much information as possible as to the extenuating circumstances preventing the player from participating.

All doctor's notes, proof of other tournaments and appeals must be received no later than 5PM on the day of the final round of the tournament. Any documentation received after this deadline will not be considered.


Weather Cancellation
A tournament that completes 18 holes by players within a division (boys 15-18, boys 11-14, girls 15-18, girls 11-14) is deemed a completed tournament by most ranking services, and therefore scores will be sent to those services (NJGS, AJGA, GJGR, etc.)  In the event of an entire round being canceled and zero holes played for all divisions, all players will be issued a tour credit refund of $60 for an Open Series event and $75 for an Elite Series event. In the event of a complete cancellation, full tournament refunds will be returned.


Please allow up to 10 business days for all refunds to be returned.